After you have selected the property of your choice, you can proceed with the process of renting an apartment.

  1. Enquire: You enquire about the process to low rise apartments for rent and availability of apartments on rent and ask your concerns to us.
  2. Viewing: Most properties have the no shoes rule, i.e., you must remove your shoes while viewing the property. So if possible wear cozy and casual shoes that you can remove easily while viewing properties. There are different things to check when you visit the property such as ventilation, amenities, etc. and you must not hesitate to ask your queries to the agent before you finalize.premium properties for rent
  3. Application: Once you like a particular property and decide to get it on rent, inform your us. You will have to give an application form to let the owner know that you want to rent the apartment. It is just like a letter of intent and is not a contract. You have to provide your ID (Foreign residency card issued by Japanese government). Sometimes employment contract is also required
  4. Signing lease: After negotiations come the agreement part! Review the draft of the rent agreement and statement of expenses. Once the agreement is signed, then you have to clear dues.
  5. Moving in: After signed on the agreement and  paid initial cost you can get the key and move into your new apartment on the date mentioned in the lease agreement.

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