How to easily write a book – Getting started

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Every marketing piece this author has ever read said, write a book. This is the single best avenue to build credibility for your business. You will not believe what a book can do until you experience it for yourself.

There are three obstacles standing in the way for most people to get the book written- focus, time and money. This article will address these three challenges.

You need discipline to sit down and write an entire book. Writing is a much slower process than most people realize. To write ten quality pages will easily take an entire day. If you have all day, then set a daily goal to write 10 pages and stick to the plan.

Understand, on some days 12 pages will be written while on others you will complete only 7 or 8 pages. For a safety net, make it an overall weekly goal to write 50 pages. So if you had two difficult writing days, you may have to spend a few hours on the weekend to achieve the 50 page goal for the week. Your scorecard will keep you on track.

By writing the 50 pages per week, you will be able to have an average 200 page book in rough draft form by the end of one month. This ambitious goal assumes you do almost nothing else but eat and sleep.

If you are a busy person with an already thriving business, set your book project as a year-long goal. Realistically set the daily goal to something achievable so you do not give up. This is the key to completion!Computer keyboard atop which a pair of reading glasses

Write 1-2 pages per day in the quiet hours of the evening or the early morning hours. The consistency of writing pages daily will make the task easier and easier. Getting your thoughts written is liberating, you will feel the glow of accomplishment, and the task will turn into a joy and you will forward to your precious time alone with your thoughts.

The quickest method for writing a book is to record your thoughts. Ideas pop up in the middle of the night, as you walk and when you catch yourself daydreaming, how much does it cost to write a book? Purchase an easy-to-use recorder and keep it with you at all times because your thoughts will be fleeting and, at times, difficult to recall.

Ask for recommendations for virtual assistants who specialize in transcription services. Interview each referral and hire the one who most closely matches the way you work. For a small hourly fee, the assistant will get all of your thoughts into a word document. Send over chunks at a time so when you receive your transcribed thoughts, the organization piece would not be so overwhelming.

The next step will be to organize your information into a logical order. Then the editing process will begin. Once again, if you do not have the time to edit, or you do not have professional writing skills, hire someone after interviewing to edit or ghostwrite for you. These steps will save you many hours.